Comparing Dreamhost with Siteground

Siteground vs Dreamhost

Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to advertise and conduct a business online. Many business-owners opt for setting up a website for their businesses so that they can attract more customers towards purchasing their products or availing their services. Because of that, it is necessary for business owners to secure a reliable web hosting company for a safe and secure domain for their website. However, before deciding to choose a web hosting company, a business-owner should do some research about their packages and read a few reviews about them so that customers will know if they are trustworthy or not.
Two of the leading web hosting providers are Siteground and Dreamhost. Although it can be difficult to tell which between Siteground and Dreamhost is the best web host, business owners can be assured that each has their own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to providing the best services a web host can provide. When comparing Dreamhost with Siteground, it all depends on the factors that make a good web host determine which of the two is the best web host.

Siteground is one of the best web host providers that any business-owner can trust. Siteground has a good uptime with multiple data centers strategically stationed in different parts of the world. They also have multiple software that secures the website from possible hacking and viruses. And lastly, the servers that they provide have excellent speed.

When comparing Dreamhost to Siteground, Dreamhost differs with the features. While Siteground has 24/7 technical support, 99.9% uptime guarantee, unlimited traffic and emails, free daily backup, set up and transfer, Dreamhost has online frequently asked questions, VPS and WordPress hosting, and backups. Furthermore, a significant difference between the two is the cPanel function. Siteground has a cPanel control panel, while Dreamhost does not. It all depends on the preference of the business-owner whether they would consider that important or not.

To see a better picture of the main differences of the features that they have, they are as follows:

For Siteground:

  • Free SSH Access
  • Phone Support
  • cPanel
  • Perl and Python
  • Free CloudFare CDN

For Dreamhost

  • IPv6 Support
  • Full Unix Shell
  • Solid State Drives
  • Hand-rolled Control Panel
  • Subversion Repository

Each of these features is specific to the web hosting provider and it is up to the business-owner which one would they prefer depending on the needs of their desired website. As a business-owner, it is important for them to choose carefully which web host to choose because the business will heavily depend on it. For instance, if a web host has poor uptime, chances are, there will be downtime, which can cause revenue to a business.

When comparing the two web hosts, Siteground has the advantage because of its reliability due to their multiple safety software, and excellent uptime that will prevent any downtime from happening. These two determine which is the best web host between Siteground and Dreamhost. Whatever the customer will choose, they are still guaranteed excellent customer service, which is an important deciding factor when choosing a web host.