Is Technology Moving Faster Than We Can Keep Up With?


Yes the technology is moving faster than people can learn and understand it or work with it.The teens are better at working with technology than older people .You can’t teach old dogs new tricks.

The youth are more into computers ,cell phones and stuff like that .Well older people faer to learn it or work with it.

The problem with technology moving too fast is it is profit technology like computers ,communication ,IT,electronic devices and stuff like that but medical ,environmental, energy technology is moving too slow .
Also the schools are not keeping up on the technology and most teachers need o be sent on training.The schools and goverment need to promote and teach more sicence, math and electronics .

The newest technologies like computers, genetic engineering and the emerging field of nanotechnology–are massively different from the technologies that preceded them. The telephone, the automobile, television and jet air travel accelerated for a while, transforming society along the way, but then settled into a manageable rate of change. Each was eventually rewarded more for staying the same than for radically transforming itself–a stable, predictable, reliable condition known as “lock-in.”

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